Bangkok, Thailand Olympus Thai - Training & Education Center (T-TEC)

  • 27 Soi Sukhapiban 2 Soi 31, Dokmai Pravet, Bangkok, 10250, Thailand Google map

T-TEC is established as a venue for delivering endoscopy training and education to healthcare professionals to help strengthen medical practice associated with gastrointestinal and surgical endoscopes in the nations of Southeast Asia, including awareness of endoscopes and diagnosis and treatment techniques. Being easily accessible from elsewhere in Southeast Asia, the site in Thailand was chosen with the aim of encouraging use by a greater number of healthcare professionals.
In addition to training for nurses and technicians as well as surgeons, T-TEC is also intended as a venue for Olympus staff training.
The design of the T-TEC building was inspired by Mount Olympus from which the company took its name. The aim is for it to serve as a “base camp” that will provide both venue and opportunities for high-quality training to healthcare professionals as they seek to continually improve their skills.


Site area: 4,800 sqm
Total floor area: 4,900 sqm
No. of floors: 4 floors (only first three floors are used)
Facilities: Gastrointestinal endoscopes, ultrasound endoscopes, endoscopy devices, 4K and 3D surgical endoscopes, surgical energy devices, endoscope cleaning and sterilization equipment, auditorium, training rooms, meeting rooms (with videoconferencing), etc.

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